This is the end of the play-offs. The season was rich in emotions for you : injuries, Gshc’s MVP, games with the national team…


You had a shoulder injury just before play-offs. How did you deal with it? 

Being injured is always hard to deal with because it keeps you out of the game for a long period. Getting hurt just before play-offs is the worst time of the year cause you know that,when coming back, games are intense and very close to each other. It is very hard physically.


What is your reaction on that last game?

Losing the semis is tough especially when everybody worked hard the whole season for that special moment.


During the fifth act of the semi-final, Chris McSorley Expressed himself about the support of the Geneva crowd. What do you think about it? 

I was very pleased with the reaction of the crowd after the game. We know we can count on them every game.


While the season of Genève-Servette ends, yours continues with the national team. What was your reaction after being called ? 

It’s been an honor for me to play for Switzerland at the international level. Playing for the national team is the highest level a player can reach throughout his career.


How do you feel as you get ready to play your first preparation game against Russia tonight ?

I’m feeling good. I’m completely healthy and physically ready to play at the international level. That is a very important aspect after a season.