Exclusive interview of Kevin

How do you feel 3 months into the season ?

After a difficult start due to my concussion last season, I have some good feelings now. I needed more time to get back in game shape and today I’m 100% physically.

How do you prepare physically and mentally for such a busy season ?

One of the most important thing during a hockey season is being physically well trained so as to avoid injuries. The main part of the physical training takes part in the summer whereas during the championship I focus on maintaining my condition.
On the other hand, the psychological aspect is as important as the physical one and I personally find it in a balanced lifestyle between my family and my job.

What do you think about the team’s beginning of the season ?

We are up to a good start even though we lost a few games lately. We will have to play on a consistent basis if we want to have success this year. Everyone in the team get along well and that will be one of our strength.

And as a personal standpoint ?

It’s a little bit early, but I’ve been working hard on helping the team win.

What about the championship ?

The Swiss league is very tight and our team as got the capabilities of doing well. We want to position ourself the best we can for the playoffs. We are focusing right now on our daily work so as to reach this goal.

Thanks Kevin, good luck !